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Publication + AR

​2024. FEB

"Playground" is a creatively curated portfolio that seamlessly integrates meticulous editorial design with cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology. This AR-enhanced collection features eight diverse projects from the past year, including book design, video production, album covers, and web design. Each project is augmented with AR experiences, inviting audiences to dive deep and interact dynamically with the designs. It explores how design can transcend traditional media through interaction. For instance, details normally confined to the pages of a book are enlarged to life-size through AR, allowing viewers to inspect each detail as if at a physical exhibition. In brand design, motion graphics used in AR create a tangible, interactive space, transforming conceptual designs into palpable experiences. This portfolio not only showcases multidimensional design capabilities but also demonstrates how interactive engagement can significantly expand the influence and depth of design experiences.

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